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Interactive mode ? What is advantage and disadvantage

interactive mode ? What is advantage and disadvantage

Q1. What is interactive mode ? What is advantage and disadvantage ?

Ans. In interactive mode there are a direct interaction between system and user. So at the time of enter data if we enter any invalid data, message has shown. Only valid data are stored in base in the interactive mood.


Duplicate record checking
Inconsistency checking
Range checking
Linking are buildup

Errors are except within range
Comparatively slow then the offline system.

Content of variables
Sex(1=male, 2 female)
MS- Marital Status (married=1, unmarried=2, widow=3)
School (1= primary, 2=Secondary 3=Higher)

Command of Statical Package

Frequency of School and Sex
Ans. Tab1 school sex

b)Cross tribulation of school and sex
Ans. Tab1 school sex

c) Age and Income (mean standard division observation)
Ans. Tabstat age income, statistics (mean sd count)

Q4. What do you mean by data ? Type of data
Ans. Data are unorganized facts represented by values numbers, character or symbols which carry meaning in a certain context.

Type of Data
Alphabetic data (name)
Numaric data Sex (male female)
Alpha-Numaric (Vill- V0511)

Q5. Role of document description.

Q.6 Create a Code plan with the data

  • Identification
  • Name
  • Sex (1= male, 2= female)
  • Age
  • Income
  • MS- Marital Status (married=1 unmarried=2 widow=3)
  • Fever (1=yes, 2= No)
  • Cough (7 days)
Code plan
Code plan

update: To change/correction the value in data table
Replace: To change the value in a field
Median: If the observation are arranged sequentially then the median is the middle most value of the series/observation . Example The median of 12,13,5,3,9 is the first arrange data= 3,5,9,12,13 => Median= 9

Mean : Mean means average number . Or Mean of a set of observation is their sum and divided by the no. of observation . Example : Mean of a set of value 5,6,7

is mean= 5+6+7 / 3 = 18/3 = 6

Mode: the number occur more frequently. Or Mode is the value of a variable for which the frequency is maximum. Example: 7,8,6,7,9,7,4 here 7

Survey: To collect information with population just one time , its called survey.

Surveillance: To collect information more than one time in a same population.

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