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Public Health Research

health research

What is the Definition of public health research ?

Health Research is a scientific undertaking which by means of logical and systematized techniques aims to discover new facts, verify and test old facts, analyze their sequence, interrelationships and causal explanations and develop new scientific tools, concepts and theories which would facilitate reliable and valid study, intervention or action for human welfare. Here, data management provides health data that refers to any type of data that is useful for improved research, innovation and healthcare-related decision making.






Hypothesis can be defined as an intelligent guess or assumption or conjecture of an investigator regarding the relationship between the variable of his interest.




Step of  Health Research-

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Knowledge gathering about the problem & findings the lacunae in the existing knowledge.
  3. Problem statement
  4. Precise statement of research questions or hypothesis (es) formulation.
  5. Statement of objectives of research
  6. Planning research
  7. Selection of research design & methodology
  8. Planning data collection
  9. Data collection
  10. Data analysis, interpretation of findings & drawing of inferences
  11. Writing research report based on the data
  12. Dissemination of research findings through publication of report or presentation in a seminar.


What is the health Research problem

  • A research problem(P) is one where:
  • Discrepancy between the expected(E) & the actual(A) situation exists.(P=E-A)
  • The discrepancy raises question “WHY” AND
  • There are more than one possible answers to the question.


Example of health Research question & hypothesis:

Research Question Hypothesis
Why people do not use the Thana health facilities for MCH care? The people in the area are conservative & prefer to go to the female FWV at her residence rather than go to the Male medical officer in the MCH section of the THC.



Qualities of a research Problem

  • Importance
  • Feasibility
  • Ethical acceptability


Type of Research-

  • Qualitative and
  • Quantitative Research


What is the Qualitative health Research-

  • Qualitative research is a type of scientific research. In general terms, scientific research consists of an investigation that:
    • seeks answers to a question
    • systematically uses a predefined set of procedures to answer the question
    • collects evidence
    • produces findings that were not determined in advance
    • produces findings that are applicable beyond the immediate boundaries of the study

health research

What is the Quantitative health Research ?

  • Systematic empirical investigation of social phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques
  • A formal, objective, systematic process for obtaining quantifiable information; presented in numerical form, and analyzed through the use of statistics; used to describe and to test relationships; used to examine the cause-and-effect of relationships

health research definition 


We encounter & observe many situations & problems in every day life. For example:

  • Patients do not come to outpatient dept.of a hospital on Friday.
  • Many women stop breastfeeding before the child is 2 years old.


FAQ 1. Why patients do not come to outpatient dept.of a hospital on Friday?


The out doors of hospitals are closed on Friday because it is a holiday;




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