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Q.What is responsibilities of Data Management assistant?

Ans. After the data have been collected through observation or inquiry it will be needed to prepare them for analysis and presentation. The masses of Row data come in, without any systematic arrangement.
Responsibility of DMA is as following:

• Received data forms
• Data forms counting and maintain log book
• Data forms coding and prepared code plan
• Data forms editing
• To entered data forms using computer system
• Inconsistency or errors checking of data forms
• To give feedback to field for solving errors
• Update data files if necessary.
• Finally backup for analysis.

Now the data file is ready for analysis and presentation in some suitable form for (1) Statistical tables and (2) Diagrams and graphs .


Q.How to justify ownself as a Data Management Assistant.

Ans: A data management assistant may have the some extra characteristics such as:
Devotion to work, good quality of behavior, good interpersonal relationship, faithfulness. Honestly, Hard working. appropriate educational qualification etc.
I have completed masters degree from a reputed university. At present I have been working in a research institute, about 7 years in Data Management Assistant in different division in that international institute. Here I have been data check, coding, editing, trapping errors while entering data and entered data. Preparing code plan, edit plan, range check and consistency check of various studies. Surveillance data, Survey data, Listing data and also communicate with field staffs for solving error.
Besides this, I have also worked as a data analyst and web designer for a virtual online freelancing company. So I want to establish/ fit myself as good a DMA and this is the main purpose of my life. And I am running on that track since from the last eight years.
I have ex-tractability of data entry :

• My flexibility
• Firmness
• Involves and close interaction, with the subject
• Analytically ability
• Hard worker
• Integrity
• Maintain ethical standard
• Professional and finally find it.


Q.What do you mean by data file merge and data file append? Give an example.


Marge : We can Marge two or more data files based on unique key. It incase the variable list. So, we say it that merge is a procedure to combine two or more files side by side on the basis of unique ID
As if : A1-A10- 10 variables and BI-B10 =10 variables . When we are merge two datasets then total variables are 19. Here both data set variables will be (10+10=19) . Here both table ID variable are common so total variables are 19.

Append: We can add records in a dataset from another file, it in case the records size. So, we say that adds one or more new records to the end of a table. Here both table’s variable Name, type, size (width) will be the same.
For example:
A table = 10 data and B table =10. When we add two tables at the end of the database then total records is 20.
As if :
Table A
Id, Name, type, sex, age, income
Table B
Id, Name, type, sex, age, income

14.Give two examples of pre-coding.
Any response of a question should be define in the questionnaire and all response are Within the response fist.
For example place delivery Medical college hospital

Private clinic 3

Q.Why do you need double data entry? (5 )

Ans: One data set entered by two different person and in two data set . After entry compare the two data set and find out in consistence between the data sets. After solving the inconsistence in the data set will be save and no inconsistence will be found. This process will call perfectly .


Q.Give example of a unique key in a data file. Why do we need unique key?
Ans. Unique key is a key or variable in which there will no duplicate value based on unique key . we can merge two or more files, based on unique key. we need unique key to identity the respondent unequally or merge data-set in our need .

18.Give examples of close —ended and two example of open-ended question.
19.What do you mean by data file backup? Mention five names of devises that we usually for data file backup.
20.What is the name of the process in Excel to edit/clean a data file?
Ans. Ans: Any inconsistent value in a variable should be removed or update according to the questionnaire .This will give us clean data set. We know the reproductive age of a woman from 15 to 49. Any value beyond this range are inconsistent.

Q.How to prepare data set?

Firstly we enter data in computer by any software . when we are entering data that time tracking any inconsistent then sent it field assign person for correction or. we are contract field assign person for solve it. When come back this questionnaire after correction then after we are correction main forms and update database. When remove and update all inconsistent data from database then after data set are ready or prepare for analysis.

Q.What is storage/ device/ Backup? Write five types of storage/ device.

Backup is to make a copy of any data set for security purpose or data transportation.
Why need backup: To data accuracy and maintain data quality .
Necessity of data storage/ device/ backup :
a. Data Security
b. Avoiding data loss due to mechanical failure
c. Avoiding data loss due to Virus
d. Avoiding data loss due to delete files.
Backup is a system to maintain copy of data. Media of backup are as followings:-Is the process to make a duplicate copy of data files :
a. Save the files in removable Hard disk Drive.
b. Save the files in CD/DVD
c. Save the files in Zip Dive
d. Save the files in pen Drive
e. Save the files in anywhere in server
f. One line clued
g. Drop box.


Q.What is coding? Name Different types of coding technique.

Ans: Coding is the technique by which information of the questionnaire or schedule is transferred to machine readable form. Three types of coding technique are as following: 01) Numeric code 02) Alphabetic code 03) Alpha-Numeric code
Numeric code: When information is transferred in numeric values , says it 0 to 9 is called Numeric code.
Alphabetic code: When information is transferred in Alphabetic values , says it a to z is called Alphabetic code.
Alpha-Numeric code: When information is transferred in Alpha-Numeric values , says it Vo511 is called Alpha-Numeric code.


Q.What is code plan ? Ingredients of good code plan.

Code plan: The list of codes of different item. Code Plan is written instruction or manual through which the information of the Questionnaire or schedule is recorded in computer readable form.
ingredients /item a of Good code Plan:
• Name of the variables
• Code/value no. of items/ answers.
• Types of the items/ answers


Q.What is Re-code ?

Ans: A collection of related items of data treated as a unit, It means further coded .


Q.Different between Range and consistency check?

Ans: Range The range is different between the height and lowest value of the set. Consistency :Consistency of data means the relationship within data should not be consistent.
For exam:
• Date of event is > data of visit
• Date of visit is > DOB
• A respondent whose age < her age of marriage


Q.What is inconsistency? How is solve It?

Ans. Inconsistent of data means the relationship within data should not be consistent. For example:
• Date of event > Data of visit
• Date of visit > Date of Birth
• A respondent whose age < her age of marriage
How is solve It: First to find and check the related questions of inconsistencies. Then consult with my supervisor for solve. If needed give to feed-back to field.


Q.What is Query?

Ans: If I locate special field from one or more table which is related both table on database that is called query.


Q.What Is Table?

Ans: A table is a set of data elements (Values) that is organized using a model of horizontal rows and vertical columns.

Q.What is Field?

Ans: A field is an area, fixed in a unit of data such as a record message header or computer instruction that has a purpose and usually a fixed size.

Q.What is Sort?

Ans: Arrange data item in two or more similar sequences without changing the order of the data item.


Q.What is Range?

Ans : It’s a difference between the highest and lowest value. Range isa the difference between upper limit and lower limit of variable. Say, we are interviewing eligible woman from age of 13 to 45. Her range of eligibility for our study is a 13.

Q.Information: Meaningful representation of data is information. Through process of data management data become information

So I seem I am perfect for a data management Assistant .


Another common question about Data Management.

Why need Database ? write name of two Data base?
What is back up? Why need back up ?
Write five storage devices.
Which bacteria and pathogen are liable for Diarrhoea ?
Write Step /work the Data management?
What is surveillance ? What are type of surveillance?
What is PDA? Write advantage and disadvantage of PDA?
What is software? What are type of software? What is server ?
Write down the steps in data management and data analysis .Why do we need skip and range cheek in data entry by Epi info?. Give example.


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